Emoinstaller Facebook Emoticons Adds a Creative Touch to the Facebook Chat Experience

In the era of technology, Facebook has become much more than just a social networking tool.

Facebook is now an essential part of our everyday routine, interacting with more aspects of our life than we could have possibly imagined just a decade ago. Finding friends, jobs, advertising our profession or entertaining ourselves are just a few examples of Facebooks’ every day uses.

As a medium of communication, it is widely accepted that real time instant messenger chatting is statistically the preferred method of contacting other people.  So, when your spending a significant amount of time Facebook instant messaging it’s important to enjoy the process.  Emoinstaller helps you add the spark back into instant messaging with its Facebook emoticon creativity.


Emoinstaller is a new free chat utility that makes talking with friends through Facebook even more fun and addictive. In short, Emoinstaller adds hundreds of Facebook chat emoticons to ones Facebook account.

The first observation you will make is that it is that it is lightweight, subtle and does not cause unwanted side effects on the computer. Furthermore, the setup file is very small, allowing one to download it in seconds. The installation is very smooth, fully customizable, and completes really fast.

The Facebook smiley application offers an enormous variety of well-designed smileys and emoticons, made with lots of different artwork styles to fit any taste. The library contains over 900 different selections, enough to prevent the user from being bored of using the same icons all over again. A vast array of animated Facebook emoticons is included in Emoinstaller as one would expect, as well as a new kind of big HD quality emoticon.


The Facebook emoticons are conveniently placed in categories which can be filtered easily depending on your needs. This methodology allows for an appropriate emoticon choice for any situation to be found quickly.

The main user benefits of Emoinstaller are that it is that it is very user-friendly and easy to handle. All it requires is for you to simply to download, install, and restart any active browser sessions if any. That’s it, plug and play. You can open your Facebook chat and start using it right away.

Emoinstaller supports most major browsers, for example, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. If you are using a combination of these browsers – or all three you can choose whether which browsers you want to install the Emoinstaller plug-in on – or install it on all three.


Further information regarding emoinstaller.com can be obtained from its professional website – technical support is provided on site for those that have difficulty with the application, although given the simplicity I don’t expect them to have to deal with too many emails.

In a nutshell, there’s a plethora of features that contribute to Emoinstaller being a great all-around must have utility. Click here to download Emoinstaller.