DVD + R Double Layer DVD burning

Generally DVD drive can store about 4GB of data, you need a DVD R / RW and a DVD burning software to write on DVD and to make this work. But if you want to burn the file size greater than 4GB you need to get DVD recordable double-layer storage capacity of 8GB of data storage / 240 minutes of video storage.

First, dealing with a DVD, is to ensure that the surface is protected to damage its records from fingerprints, dust, etc. Ensure that you must hold DVD from the side and not center. If someone try to use the cleaning the surface, they must use a soft cloth or DVD cleaning solution.

The double-DVD does not mean you can write data on the both side of DVD. But it creates two layers on the same side of the DVD and should be handled like any other CD casino online / DVD Treatment.

Generally takes about 10-15 minutes to complete the CD writing process, depending on the speed of its writers and CD-ROM, you use the written information. If you take the same specifications you would in an estimate, 8.5GB DVD will take two hours, but generally it takes 45 minutes in one of the largest write.

In the 2X [3324KB/sec] 8 GB DVD will be about 45 minutes total to write the complete data. And take a 10-minute for speed measurement and check data for verification.

The most recommended DVD / CD writing software Nero is because it is bundled software with DVD / CD burner you purchase and you must ensure that you have latest version.