DO’s and DON’Ts for Google Adsense

do's-don'ts-google-adsenseDo you have a Google Adsense account??? Then it will be very embarrassing moment for you if your Google Adsense account gets banned. So you need to prepare for not to get banned. Google is very much concern about their Adsense. So be very much careful about that. Don’t try to follow any nonsense tricks for increase your Adsense revenue. Make it clear that Google gets his master’s one that. Google definitely trace your account and banned it as soon as possible.  Google has an Adsense team with full of experts to only for looking Adsense TOS.

Here I share some important DO’s and DON’Ts to don’t get banned by Google. Hope its help you.


  • First you must read, understand and follow Google Adsense terms and conditions before you begin. Though It is very friendly but you must be careful about it.
  • Try to increase the traffic of you site. It’s simple but need to work hard to get better traffic. Also you can say as  More Traffic => More Clicks => More Income
  • The content of your blog should be original and unique.
  • Update your site contents frequently to avoid old contents problem.
  • If your blog is in “Under construction” then ready your blog as soon as possible.
  • Your site must be easily navigable. Avoid broken links on your site.


  • Don’t be over smart. Do not click on your own ads. It is the most important.
  • Don’t ask anyone (family members, friends, colleagues etc) or urge visitors to click ads on your sites.
  • Don’t try to edit Adsense code. Place the code as it is generated by Adsense tool.
  • Don’t copy and paste copyrighted material on your blogs or sites.
  • Don’t use contents related to Porn or illegal activities.
  • Do not keep Google ads in Pop-ups.
  • Do not use click bots to generate clicks.
  • Don’t build websites just for Adsense income in mind.

If you follow these DO’s and DON’Ts then you will have no problem for sure. So keep patience and work hard then surely you will be able to enjoy Google Adsense’s great revenue and make your dream fulfill.

Cheers!!!  🙂