Make free calls from your iphone

Do you know today you can make free calls from your Iphone?

You just need to install viber on your iphone. When the viber gets installed,the application syncs your phone’s contact list and it also shows who is using Viber application in there phone. You need to have WiFi or 3G to avail this service.

When you use Viber, your phone calls to any other Viber user are free. And most amazing feature is it’s excellent sound quality, better than GSM or regular call quality. You can call any Viber user,anywhere in the world, for free.

For setting up you just enter your iPhone number, the Viber service sends you a text message with a code, and you enter that code into the Viber app. That’s all! No registration, no logging in or out,very simple.
Viber users are free though you can still use Viber to make and receive calls to and from using your phone’s minutes. All your contacts and missed call can be accessible with this application.

Presently iMesh is working hard for making this kind of application for android uers.They aims to release it within first quarter of next year.