Do Mac Computers Need Antivirus Softwares?

While the number of worldwide computers has reached more than one billion, the spyware and malware attacks have also massively increased. Currently, it has rather become a Russian roulette to keep a personal computer, laptop and even a tablet or a smart phone without running at least one firewall, spyware detector and a high performance antivirus program.

The problem is that while one user can diminish infection risks by not entering on suspicious websites or randomly downloading files over the Internet, other user might not be so careful and infect various computers through flash memories or file sharing.  Moreover, youngsters and teenagers are the ones facing the biggest Internet and online threats especially because they are the ones sharing everything and constantly looking for new, exciting and free things over the Internet.


The computers most at risk of virus infection

More than 80% of the world’s computer users run on Windows and, thus, it is needless to say that hackers turned their heads into this direction, creating and sharing trojans and viruses to infect Microsoft users. However, the biggest threat Microsoft users are facing today is the hackers’ greed and desire for wealth. While only a decade ago hackers were designing viruses to simply take down Internet pages for fun, they are now looking to fraud and steal as much as possible through illicit credit card uses. And while Microsoft users are the most exposed to these techniques, Mac users should not consider themselves more protected.

Isn”t Mac safe?

In fact, in the past five years there were multiple and extremely dangerous hacker attacks targeting Mac OS users and this has determined Apple to declare that, for their own protection, Mac users should start and purchase their own antivirus programs. Marketing technique or not, the invitation made by Apple echoed as countless users hustled to buy specialized antivirus softwares.
However, there are still numerous users who decide to wait or consider the already built-in antivirus program is sufficient to protect them against malicious attacks. And while opinions regarding the usefulness of specialized Mac antivirus software are divided, one can only hope that they don’t need it. And the truth is that, just like in the case of a car’s airbags, you don’t casino pa natet usually need them, until you desperately do. Of course, the final decision remains in the hands of each and every user, but with malicious attacks growing in number yearly and with so many threats waiting just around the corner, one cannot be completely protected unless they subscribe for a specialized virus protection tool.

What are the options?

Luckily, even though users are not that numerous as in the case of Windows, Mac OS users still have a multitude of options to choose from, in order to get the most suitable antivirus for their needs. The online environment is full of free trials and personalized security kits.

For example, Kaspersky antivirus designed for Mac OS X might be the solution many users are craving for. The Kaspersky lab also offers many malware removing tools for free, while putting at its users’ disposal the latest antivirus complete kit. For a yearly subscription that will cost around $60, Kaspersky offers full antivirus and malware protection for your system. Among the services included in the kit one can also find the real-time protection from the newest and emerging spyware and viruses, two-way firewalls or efficient parental control. If you are not satisfied with the Kaspersky offer, feel free to give VirusBarrier X6 a try.

Author Bio : Robert Woods is a Mac security specialist, always searching for new products and softwares. He is particularly interested in applications which help users protect their systems more cost effectively such as Kaspersky for Mac.