Hide folder without installing any software

Here comes the tricks of keeping secrect files secure without installing any software in
your PC.There are some simple steps by which you can hide all your confidential files easily.
Yes, I know you can make one folder hideen to keep out of site of others.But the tresspasser
who use your computer he knows how to find out your hidden documents.So “Tresspassers should
be prosecuted”.With this method no one can even see,selecting “Show hidden files and folders” ,what you have hideen.Is it related to system file then?…Yes,this is.But unhiding the system file also no one can locate it,you can see the folder with control panel icon.Try to open the file and it will open the control panel.So keep hiding your personal documents,safely.Just follow the steps :

Insert a PDF Into Excel

You can easily add a PDF file into excel. Not only a PDF file, you can also add an other files such as picture or another document file ect.Microsoft Office offers flexibility and versatility when you need to insert objects into your document. When inserting PDF objects, use the insert objects feature to place the object in the workbook with ease. Once the PDF is inserted, it can be viewed as an object or image. If you need to work with the PDF object, use the options available on the right-click menu.


Process to fast Your Computer and Internet Connection

It’s a simple way to make your personal computer and internet connection faster. Its can become a necessity as technology becomes more advanced. First of all you will must sure about the computer is working at peak performance. You can avoid costly upgrades or replacements. By adjusting your computer and Internet connection, the speed of Internet surfing or downloads can be doubled. You can generally make these adjustments in a short amount of time, without any cost to you.