Enable 2-Step Account Verification

Google has introduced two steps Account verification for some of its Google Apps accounts back in September 2010. Now this extra security feature will included for all Gmail users. If you are a Gmail user then either you have already got this in your account or you are going to get it soon….


KMPlayer with class not registered problem

I think kmplayer is one of the best player for its playback. KMP is a freeware. Its full name is K-Multimedia Player. But, it is also called as KMP, KMPlayer, KMP Player or kmp player and distributed Pandora TV. It includes almost all the essential decoders. So it supports a wide range of formats to playback.

Google Launching Desktop Notifications for emails and chat messages

Do you use Google Chrome and Gmail?

Then you may be interested in Desktop notification, new features of Google. In many cases, you may be on another browser window, missed some important conversations or e-mail which you received in your Gmail. Now, you will not miss any conversation, Google has informed the html5 based desktop notification pop-up message whenever new mail or a chat message arrives.

Procedure to convert Microsoft Word (DOC) files to PDF

Have you ever thought, how can you convert PDF to Microsoft Word (DOC) files? I believe that we have many solutions, but never for it to find a cheap solution. Some companies offer software to create PDF format, but they are not free. There is a free online service through which you will be able to do this. This site features the following: there is no need to log in, it is completely free, you not onlyconvert Word files, you can even convert Excel and PowerPoint files. PowerPoint files can also be converted to Flash.

Convert PDF to Word document format

Today, when you purchase software, you will see a ‘help’ or ‘read me’ file, in PDF format. Also you can see e-books on net. All of these are from the PDF platform. This is a platform for text and images together in this way are almost impossible to remove them, except the use of expensive software.