HP Veer

HP Veer webOS Smartphone

The Smartphone features a 2.6-inch WVGA capacitive multitouch screen with 320×400 pixel display resolution. Whereas the Pre 3 gives excellent display as it has a touch screen of 3.6 inches which is much larger as compared to HP Veer’s touch screen.


A Digital Slate named NoteSlate

A color 13-inch display takes up most of the front panel of the device with ONE TOUCH ability just with pen or eraser. The screen measures 190 x 270 mm and 210 x 310 x 6 mm thin body. Its weight is 280 g and approximately 180 hours of battery life. Connectivity includes a USB port, SD-slot, 3.5-mm jack and power (AC/DC 12 volts). Also Wi-Fi module is available on request with order. The resolution (claimed as 100 ppi) seems low for E Ink. It’s not designed to handle photos or fancy graphics. But it has no web browsing capabilities.

The future is out of the cloud

Why do I have a feeling the idea of Ray Ozzie’s vision of a “Post-PC” world is nothing new. I look forward to read it a number of different, but it is an inspirationalspeech on how “continuous service”and not a cloud computing center computing equipment in the future. It’s a bit baffling, some people see this as if it is the idea of some of Daxin, when it is all techie “vision ” is talking about this year.

Increase Cell Phone Signals with Signal Boosters

You might have faced lots of issue in so your home while attending any important calls due to weak signals. What could you do in such situation?
Cell Phone Signal Boosters Will solve your problem. It is also known as cellular repeaters or amplifiers. Cell phone signal boosters will definitely reduce the number of dropped calls and even it definitely increases your cell phone cover area. Long distance calls would be very easy and most reliable.
There are lots of brands from which you can choose,like JD Teck,Wi –Ex zBoost.But we are most of familiar with zBoost.


Nokia N8’s Quick Review

Nokia N8 is another smart phone is considered to be one of the best cell phone for one year is a long-awaited Nokia fans around the world, but one can make them feel sad, because of severe defects, we found that the equipment and the final score, the device is not worth it.