Apple IPhone4 defects

Thousands of customer complaints and demands are not met; Apple has admitted its IPhone4 antenna problem in the past few weeks. In the initial stages of production IPhone4, designers that have trouble, because the antenna may arise, rumors, Steve Jobs forget their concerns. Manufacturers are aware of the defect, apple might end up losing some loyal customers, as their solutions and assurances so far have been far less than satisfactory.

Many IPhone4 users can see a decline in the signal, when the phone is firmly of the left hand, including the bottom left corner. Study this problem, Apple explained the antenna is part of the barrier, setting off a certain amount. And the best solutions to overcome this conference call in different ways, or use rubber bumper around the phone, to keep clear of the antenna. Rubber bumper from the Apple store.

This is not the only problem; Apple also made a calculation error and the phone number of the bar shows the strength of the signal. In a weak or no signal areas, the bar should be said that only 2, 4. Typically, this people believe they have the appropriate signal, and there is no reason to get better signing the other hand there are a few, say that this is not downtown. They say, any hand would significantly reduce some of its reception. It is not only wrong, I Phone, but also with other phones such as Nokia, blackberry and so on. How to make the biggest difference held when the phone is all smart phones in every signal.

The only point seems good IPhone4 is where it performs better signal was weak and low. A company spends so much of the modeling, the equipment point they should strive to make their quality products.

After all, we pay the wealth in these phones. If you think a software upgrade, Apple announced that will solve this problem, maybe it’s time to think about it. Thus, with the original opinion, continue the phone … you.