Apple iPad 2: Review

After a lot of flying stories about Apple iPad2’s existence, We finally got official word from Apple about iPad 2. Apple has just made the official launch of their iPad 2. It comes with some exciting features. Now Apple has officially launched it’s successor to the market leading iPad.


In India Apple iPad 2 will be available for sale in April.

Price :

With Wi-Fi

16GB : 27,900 /-

32GB: 32,900 /-

64GB: 37,900 /-

With Wi-Fi + 3G

16GB: 34,900 /-

32GB: 39,900 /-

64GB: 44,900 /-



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  • apple ipad 2 is real good technology. ..
    thanks for sharing

  • Som

    It is certain that the 2nd generation Ipad of Apple will take a huge market in India for its cool features and stylish looks . It can be easily observed that Apple is increasing its market India . It proves a new trend of people for Gadgets.

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