Android 2.3 with most amazing features

Android 2.3 is one of the most latest evaluation in the mobile world.It is known as Gingerbread. It offers developers VoIP via SIP, to establish two-way Internet video calls into their apps. Most important thing is that it supports one touch word selection with voice mode for correction.

It obtains WebM video compression standard for high-definition video playback. WebM makes it possible to play videos hosted on YouTube or other Web sites from the Android browser.

Most Amazing features:-

1.      Virtual keyboard with different fonts

2.      Voice mode support for text correction

3.      VP8/WebM video compression

4.      Internet calling via SIP

5.      Near field communications (NFC) support for NFC tag scanning

6.      API support for sensors including gyroscope, gravity, and barometer

7.      New audio effect for sound mixing

8.      Access to front facing with camera application