A guide to the 3 best new tablets for 2011

Tablet-pc2010 was the year of Apple and its iPad – this hybrid device positioned between a Smartphone and laptop was initially expected to not be that successful, however once people started using it and playing with the Apps from Apple’s App Store the complete opposite was true and a brand new technology sector was born!  2011 however is the year of the iPad killer with many different vendors launching competing products with wildly different specifications’ and price points in an effort to topple iPad from its perch at the top of the Tablet pyramid.  In addition this wildly popular device is being offered for sale at significant discounts by Mobile Broadband providers who are also offering mobile broadband with free laptop offers for new contracted customers on a 18 to 24 month term.  Some of the most eagerly anticipated new tablets for 2011 are:

Asus Eee Pad Transformer

Asus-Eee-Pad-TransformerThis 10 inch, dual core, Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) powered Tablet offers something slightly different to make it stand out from its competition.  The Transformer with its optional keyboard docking station converts a simple Tablet into an extremely powerful Netbook and with its almost full sized keyboard, most people could easily mistake this device for an actual Netbook versus a hybrid device.  The keyboard also offers a built in second battery and increases the battery life of the Transformer to almost 16 hours.

In addition, Android’s new Honeycomb operating system has been custom built for Tablet PCs and offers significant advantages to previous Android versions both in terms of look and feel.  Some of the advantages of Honeycomb in comparison to its predecessors are simply in the way in which the information gets presented, as with Smartphones and their smaller screens, obtaining information required navigating through various menus – in comparison the larger screen size of Tablet PCs allow for much more information to be available and information that is important to you is available at all times in a clear and easy to use manner.

Motorola XOOM

Motorola-XoomThe Motorola XOOM is currently the much hyped iPad killer and based on its specifications and performance, it might actually be the device that can topple the iPad. Similar to the Transformer the XOOM also has a dual core processor and offers a 10 inch screen with Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) – however with an integrated 32GB of storage built in, its specifications are slightly more impressive and its build quality is second to none.  In addition its crisp screen makes extremely effective use of the newer features that Honeycomb offers.

RM Slate 100

RM_Slate_100The third Tablet to keep an eye on this year, is surprisingly not based on Apples iOS or Googles Android operating system but rather an old stand-by from the Desktop world. Microsoft’s foray into Tablet PCs the Slate runs Windows 7 and while this device is not as visually appealing as the iPad or its competing Android systems, it provides a view into a possible third option for consumers.  With Windows 7 as its base operating system, this unit simplifies the transition to the Tablet world allowing common applications and files between both Tablet and Desktop systems.

Guest post by Joe Linford writes on behalf of Broadband Genie and Mobile Phone Genie.