5 Things You Can Do with Your Desktop Computer You Never Knew

With easy access to affordable computers and Internet access, many people have made the personal computer a necessity of daily life. Some computer users know how to do many things on their computers, while others may only know how to use specific programs for work or play. Computers are amazing machines, and there is so much more users can do with them, if you know where to look. Here are some things you never thought you could do with your computer—but you can.

  • Charge Your Cell Phone

If you go on a large number of business trips, it can be a nightmare if you forget to pack your cell phone charger. It can be an even bigger mess if you leave your charger in some hotel room halfway across the country. When you are on the road, consider using your computer to charge your phone. You can do this with a simple USB adapter. USB adapters are already commonly used to charge e-readers and MP3 devices through a computer. These adapters are inexpensive and easy to find.

  • Turn Desktop Computers into DVRs

DVR technology doesn”t have to stop at your living room. Most computers can use common hardware and software to turn into a custom DVR. Your desktop PC will need to be equipped with a 15-20GB hard drive and a TV-tuner card. After that, you will need to install software that lets your record, rewind and pause live TV, just like a traditional DVR box. The software helps you manage your records, set up new recordings and can also provide HDTV quality programs.

5 Things You Can Do with Your Desktop Computer You Never Knew

  •  Turn Your Desktop Computer into a Server

If you need to share resources or files on a small network, turning a computer into a server is a great way to save money and have the convenience of reaching your files on whatever computer you happen to be on. When you want to set up a computer as a server, you will need to clean off all unnecessary files and programs to make room. If you think you will need more disk space, you can also add that. Then, all you need to do is hook up a router, rename your computer as the server and dgfev online casino you are ready to go.  Leanr more about servers here.

  • Run a Business

There is no question that computers are important in business. You can manage or even start a business with just a laptop. With many business management tools moving to web-based software, you can utilize a single computer to use for all your business needs. Businesses need to manage a budget, time and employees. If a company uses all web-based software for these tasks, the computer will not be slowed down by a bunch of programs running at the same time. This can also benefit the company by being able to use more mobile options, such as a laptop or tablet.

  • Find Out the Real Speed of Your Car

If you ever wondered what your car could really do, you can invest in a data logging device and software to gather data on your commutes to work and weekend road trips. The device attaches your dashboard in your car. Once you gather some data out on a drive, you can come home, hook it up to your computer and view the stats with the bundles software.

Computers are amazing machines. Knowing where you can go with them and what you can do is only half the fun of using them. Discovering new ways to use your computer will help you be more productive and have a little more fun at the same time.

Author Bio: David Malmborg works with Dell. He loves everything about computers and technology. Right now he is very interested in the advancement of Desktop Computers you can learn more at Dell.com. When not working he enjoys hiking, reading and writing about technology.