5 Potent Tips To Wipe Away The Worries Of Your iPhone 4S Battery Life

The recent mind-blowing innovation that garlanded the world is the iPhone 4S released by Apple Incorporation on October 4. With the splendid features of the previous versions, iPhone 4S is built with many other meritorious attributes like 1080 pixels video recording, 8 MP camera, voice assistant, dual-core A5 chip, enhanced graphics processor and much more. It also owns the pride of running on i OS 5, which is Apple’s newest mobile operating system and it also supports i Cloud, which permits wireless data storage of music and other information.


In this studious time, the complaints of battery drain issues in iPhone 4S have started baffling the stupendous Apple engineers. The battery drain problem does not worry Apple much as this setback is as comfortable as an old shoe for this exceptional company. Previously in 2009, the iPhone 3GS users also protested against the battery problems. Few other users complained about battery life crisis after the i OS 4 upgrading in 2010. There is no doubt that Apple would certainly fix this battery issue at the earliest, in the meantime, you can follow these 5 potent tips to enhance your iPhone 4S battery life.

1. Check only important email accounts: You may have multiple email accounts and this might contribute to higher power consumption. You can indeed conserve power by selecting only your important email accounts. You can either delete or turn off your less-important email account.

2. Stop location and push mail services: There are many applications that use location services like Maps, profoundly. These services have the power to trim down your battery life. To extend your battery life, it is always good to immobilize such services and use them when required. Your push mail accounts like Microsoft Exchange or Yahoo will condense your battery life and it is advisable to turn-off your push mail account when you are not using it. Once you do this, you will receive all your push mails in an unusual manner on your phone based on the global Fetch locale.

3. Exit Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections: Yet another brilliant idea to save power is to turn-off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, if you are not using it frequently. You can also augment your battery life by using Wi-Fi rather than your local cellular data systems, in case you are using your iPhone often to browse the web.

4. Switch-off EQ and push notices: The life of your battery can also be declined; by using the equalizer option to song playback on your iPhone 4S. Deactivating your EQ setting will help save considerable power. There are certain App Store applications like instant messaging applications that make use of Apple Push Notification Services to update the users with latest data. Shut down these applications using push notifications to hoard power on your battery.

5. Set Auto-Brightness mode: The Auto-Brightness option in your iPhone 4S, lets the screen to fine-tune its brightness and clarity according to the existing light conditions. Set the Auto-Brightness option to enchant your eyes as well your battery’s life.

If you are a proud owner of iPhone 4S, stop your battery drain worries and remain delighted with these tips to extend your battery life until Apple fixes this hitch for you.

Guest Post by Alfred, who is a Technical Lead at Dot Com Infoway, a Software development, Internet Marketing, Web development and Mobile App Marketing Company including many iPhone App Developers. He has an extensive background as a tech blog writer.